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In 1972, three men with a vision (Marcel Baillargeon, Jean Rioux and Adrien Noel) joined to form a limited partnership.  Using the first two letters of their last names, they called the company BA-RI-NO.       
Starting with very little, Barino has grown steadily throughout the years; expanding to commercial construction.  To meet demand, they've added a ready-mix concrete plant, heavy equipment rentals, gravel pits and a state-of-the-art lumberyard.  In 1980, the company joined a major hardware retailer. As of 2007, Barino has proudly become part of the Rona team, anticipating great success in the future. New to Barino's repetoire is a contract with CN Rail as a First Alert Derailment Emergency Team. Barino is always excited to take on new challenges.

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